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Mod Title:
phpbb Calendar 0.1.1


A calendar MOD for phpBB to allow users to post events for public or private view within phpBB.

Completed Tasks in Detail:
* Includes both All Day and Timed Events
* Event View - filled with all event details (who's invited, who created the event, BBCode, Smilies, start and end times, edit & delete buttons if applicable etc)
* Month View - can jump to any month via next and prev links, or jump randomly via pulldown menus. Lists birthdays, event types and event names only. Click on the day's number to add a new event on that day
* Week View - can jump to any week via next and prev links, or jump randomly via pulldown menus. Lists birthdays, event types, names, and times. Click on the day's number to add a new event on that day.
* Day View - can jump to any day via next and prev links, or jump randomly via pulldown menus. Includes a Graphical display of events on a timeline - lets you quickly see schedule conflicts etc. Lists birthdays, event types, names, and times. Click on the day's number to add a new event on that day.
* Support for BBCode and Smilies
* Birthday Support - Using phpBB3 Birthdays
* Personal Events - the ability to create personal events is controlled by a permission.
* Group Events - the ability to create personal events is controlled by a permission.
* Public Events - the ability to create personal events is controlled by a permission.
* Make events bold if you are event creator - Let's you quickly see events most important to you.
* List of Upcoming Events on index - in the ACP you can specify whether or not you want to display the upcoming events on the index (and if so how many events to list). You also have the option to list the current week view on the index.
* Detailed Permissions - You can control who has permission to view, create, edit, delete, and moderate events.
* Auto pruning of past events - From the ACP you control how often events are pruned, and how old they have to be before they are added to the delete list.

* Support for handyman's "mod version check" mod: http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopi ... 9&t=691155


As with any mod installation, be sure to save a backup copy of your database and your files. This is a complicated mod! If you miss a step, restoring your backup database and files is a fast way to get your board back up and running. Often by forcing yourself to go through the entire installation again you will find the step you missed and fix the problems yourself.


After editing the SQL database and uploading the files you must:

Install the calendar modules in the ACP (and enable them), purge your cache in the ACP, set up the calendar permissions (make sure to give yourself permission to administrate the calendar) configure the calendar in the new ACP calendar modules.


Troubleshooting and tips to avoid problems:

1) If you have problems accessing the ACP modules after installation, be sure you purge your cache in the ACP, and then make sure you have given yourself calendar admin privileges.

2) The SQL commands provided assume you're using MySQL 41 for your database... if you're using something else like: Firebird, Mssql, MySQL40, Oracle, Postgres, or Sqlite you may have some difficulties (especially when declaring variables that hold foreign characters. See this post for more details:

http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopi ... 5#p3824905

One kind user posted their changes required for 0.0.8 MSSQL 9 (2005) you will find them in the contrib folder. If you port the SQL commands to any other database type, please post them so we can add them to the contrib folder for the next release.

3) The sql commands assume you are using phpbb_ as your table prefix. If your table prefix is not phpbb_, you must edit the sql commands to match your table prefix before executing the sql commands. To find your table prefix open your root/config.php file and look for something like: $table_prefix = 'phpbb_';

For example, phpbb3_ is commonly used as the table prefix on a forum that was converted from phpbb2 to phpbb3. In this case you must find phpbb_ and replace it with phpbb3_ before running the sql commands.

4) If you have any problems with your permissions please run the following command in phpMyAdmin: select * from phpbb_acl_options where auth_option like '%calendar%'; If you see anything listed twice that's the source of your problem - you must remove all duplicate entries from that table and start over with setting up your permissions in the ACP. These duplicate entries were caused by running the SQL command on the acl_options table more then once. Also if you don't purge your cache after installing the modules, the permissions you attempt to set may not save properly. If you don't have duplicate entries in your acl_options table, purge your cache and try to reset your permissions... hopefully this time it will save the changes you're telling it to save.

5) If your calendar looks dark blue everywhere - instead of what you see in the demo, you haven't refreshed your style properly. Enter the ACP and go to the "Styles" tab and select "Templates" from the list of style components on the left. Find your style name in the list of installed templates, and click the link to "Refresh" your style's template. Confirm that "Yes" you really eant to clear the cached version of your template. Now select "Themes" from the list of style components on the left. Find your style name in the list of installed themes and click on the link to "Refresh" your style's theme. Confirm that "Yes" you really want to clear the cached version of your theme. Finally select "Imagesets" from the list of style componenets, and refresh your imageset. Now return to the general tab and click the "Run now" button next to where it says "Purge the cache". Now return to your calendar and refresh the page. I've seen internet explorer store stale copies of the calendar in my temporary interenet files before, so if all else fails, close all browser windows except for one, go to Tools->Internet Options, and on the "General" tab choose "Delete Files" to delete all of your cached web pages on your computer. Now return to the ACP (don't view the calendar yet) and refresh all the parts of the style and purge the cache again. Now return to the calendar, and things should look better.

6) If you don't see some of the icons in your calendar like you see in the demo, first make sure you've tried steps 4 and 5 above. Bad permissions will prevent icons from showing if you don't have permission to use them. Failing to refresh all the parts of your style may also prevent icon display. Here are some tips:

a) If you're not using english, be sure you uploaded the icons into the appropriate folder for your language. They are language specific, as the numerals displayed on the calendar icons are different in english and Chinese character sets.

b) If you can see all of the icons except for the star, then you probably don't really have permission to create new events - go back to troubleshooting step 4 and then go into your ACP->Permissions and select "View user-based permissions" at the bottom left. Now select your username from the list of users and click "View permissions". Click on the calendar tab and if you don't see a green background under the yes columns for "Can create [group/private/public] events" that's your problem. To see how your permission was calculated click on the circle with an arrow just to the left of where it says "Can create [group/private/public] events". That will open a popup window which shows you exactly what permission settings you're using from what group - so you can figure out what you need to change.

7) Be careful when hand editing any of the files. You must use a proper text editor - especially one that supports UTF-8 without bom formatting for the language files. If you have a simple white space before the starting <?php in a file you may see strange errors, so the white space and character encoding you get from your text editing program are very important. I believe notepad is a common cause of problems like these. Textpad is an inexpensive editor that you may find useful: http://www.textpad.com/ I've also heard that there is a free editor called notepad++ (not to be confused with notepad) that will work well if you specify the proper settings when saving the file.

8) Before installing this mod (at the very least) you MUST read all posts in the thread pertaining to this latest release. For example if the current release is 0.0.5, please search the thread for the first post with 0.0.5 in the subject, and read all of the posts through to the end of the thread. Why? If any bugs were reported in this release, I will post the fix as soon as it's available, so save yourself some trouble and look for bug fixes (if there are any) before you install this mod.

9) If you've finished reading all of these troubleshooting pages and are still lost, try searching for the answer on phpbb.com/community. If you return to the calendar topic here: http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopi ... &sk=t&sd=a be warned that the search box that says "Search this topic..." does NOT do what it implies. It will return everything outside of this topic making it almost impossible to find what you're looking for.

Here's a better way to find what your looking for. Go to the "Advanced Search" page here: http://www.phpbb.com/community/search.php Since "calendar" and "alightner" are in the subject of virtually every post in this thread, be sure to enter the following in your "Search for keywords:" calendar alightner whatever_you_are_looking_for. Also make sure to select "Search for all terms or use query as entered". That should help you find what you need.


Special thanks to:

ThunderCrew and Gremlinn for helping test 0.1.0


Other notes:

This mod is NOT recommended for beginners, because it is still in development and may have many updates released.

Before posting any enhancement requests in the mod thread, please read the entire post thread - that means you'll have to read at least 175 pages, but I've had to read them all too (many times) so laziness is no excuse. It's likely someone has requested the same thing before, so please check before making a new request... it's polite and I appreciate it :) Also if you post an enhancement request, and I don't respond - it does NOT mean that I didn't read your post. It means I'm considering it. I won't commit to new functionality if I don't know how long it will take to implement, so if you get a fast response, it's often me saying "No". If you want me to take your request seriously - you should give me time to think it over, repeating your question makes you sound impatient and disrespectful... Simple manners will get you far.