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Mod Title:
Advanced Block Mod 1.1.2
Martin Truckenbrodt


- Replaces too much simple, not finished and unmaintained check_dnsbl phpBB3 core feature.
- Adds more IP-RBL DNS, HTTP and Domain-RBL DNS blacklists and UTC-12 trick to phpBB3.
- Supported HTTP blacklists: Stop Forum Spam, BotScout, Akismet, Project Honey Pot, Block Disposable Email Adresses.
- All features and blacklists can be managed from extra ACP pages. Only some not important settings for the HTTP blacklists are hardcoded.
- Blacklists can be weighted from 0 to 5. The weight values are added to reach a threshold value of 5 before spam will been blocked. So if configured spam needs to been found on several blacklists before it is blocked.
- Adds a new log for Block actions. Adds logging for email_check_mx.
- Adds a feature to re-check posts and users for spam to the Forum logs, WHO IS ONLINE, MCP -> post details, MCP -> report details and ACP -> Manage users -> Overview.
- Allows to report spammers to HTTP blacklists manually and automatically.
- Adds a feature to require an e-mail address for guest postings. The e-mail address will been displayed only for administrators at the re-check spam pages.
- Supports Contact Board Administration MOD http://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/mod/c ... istration/ to redirect false positives to the contact page.
- Supports Advanced Double Activation Pack MOD http://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/mod/a ... tion_pack/ to add the Re-check spam feature to the ACP Verify user page.


There is no update from Advanced Block 1.0.x to Advanced Block MOD 1.1.x. Too much of the code has been completely rewritten. So unistall Advanced Block MOD 1.0.x first before installing Advanced Block MOD 1.1.x.