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Mod Title:
User Reminder 1.0.5


Will 'remind' users that they are members of a community by sending emails when

* not having logged in for a while

* not posted yet

* registered, activated but not logged in since

* not having acted on above for a while (after first reminder)... The you better visit soon or ... email :P

Possibility to choose for manual or automatic reminding

Possibility to delete users (manually only)

Possibility to protect users from being reminded


I would recommend to initially leave automatic reminders to No as otherwise users could receive more than one email at the same time. If you are running a large board I would recommend to remind users manually until you are caught up with reminders as running them automatically straight away may cause the sending of emails to time out due to the large amount of reminders that are being sent.

Thanks for eviL3 for his cool diff and conversion tools, made life a lot easier when first doing this!!

Thanks to Plati (and myself :P) for the german translation