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Mod Title Version Description Author Location
Prime Quick Style 1.2.5  Adds a style dropdown box to the header of every page for quickly switching between styles. The dropdown box will only be displayed if the board is set to allow multiple styles. primehalo
Quick Title Edition 1.1.0  Ce MOD permet d'ajouter un attribut, généralement appelé tag ou préfixe, comme [Réglé], aux titres de vos sujets. ABDev
Réponse rapide 1.0.1  Ce MOD ajoutera une formulaire de réponse rapide caché en bas de la page viewtopic. Le formulaire apparait en cliquant sur le bouton "Quick reply" à coté du bouton "Répondre".

Le but de ce mod n'est pas d'offir le plus de fonctionnalités possible, il a été concu pour être le plus simple possible.
Shmoogle Map 0.0.2  Shows a fully interactive Google Map where your Users can input their location and Events to be displayed with a selection of customizable map markers. Very customizable map controls. Note: Requires a free Google Maps API Key from http://www.google.com/apis/maps/. BassFace
Suppression des membres depuis la liste des membres 1.0.0  Ce MOD permet à l'administrateur, de supprimer un ou plusieurs membres directement depuis la liste des membres.

Pour chaque membre supprimé, l'administrateur peut choisir de conserver ou supprimer ses messages
Tabbed Profiles 1.0.0  This MOD divides the members profile into separate tabs, similar to the profiles on vBulletin. Ashley.S.
Thanks for posts 1.3.4  Mod adds the ability to thank the author (thanks to cancel), and use the rating system posts/topics/forums based on the issued of thanks. Палыч
Twitter Profile Link 1.0.6  Adds a link to the users twitter profile next to www-button. Metzle
Ultimate Points 1.1.2  The Ultimate Points is an addition to your phpBB3 forum, where people can gain points and also are able to spend points, of course. This can be done in internal functions like the Bank, Lottery or Robbery Module. But there will be additional existing mods, which will or already support Ultimate Points, like Jeff's Arcade Mod, the Formel 1 Web Tipp from Dr. Death, the phpbb Gallery from Nickvergessen, el_teniente's Sudoku Mod, Invite a Friend and the Medal System Mod from Gremlin do already support Ultimate Points. You will find more supported mods within the user guide. femu
Ultimate Quiz MOD 2.0.0 Beta Ultimate Quiz MOD is a quiz solution for phpBB3 that allows users and administrators to upload and play quizzes in a true and false, multiple choice, or input answer format. Features include quiz statistics, the ability to save and resume quizzes, time limits and points compatibility. Battye
Universal No Avatar 1.0.1  This mod displays an universal "No Avatar" image for those that do not have an Avatar. BlkJack-21
User achievements 0.0.2  Adds goals to user profiles platinum_2007
User Reminder 1.0.5  Will 'remind' users that they are members of a community by sending emails when

* not having logged in for a while

* not posted yet

* registered, activated but not logged in since

* not having acted on above for a while (after first reminder)... The you better visit soon or ... email :P

Possibility to choose for manual or automatic reminding

Possibility to delete users (manually only)

Possibility to protect users from being reminded
Users and Bots on Seperate Lines 1.0.0  With this mod your users and bots will display on separate lines within the stats section of your forum RMcGirr83
View or mark unread posts or pms 1.0.9  Toggles text of unread post link between 'View unread posts' and 'You have no unread posts' (depending on whether the user has unread posts). Also adds a 'Mark post as unread' link at the bottom of each post and a mark pm as unread link at the bottom of each private message as well as a folder in the private messages part of the UCP for unread pms. asinshesq
Voir le groupe dans le profil du membre dans un message 1.0.0  Ajoute le nom du groupe dans le profil lors de la vue des messages. lolovoisin
Welcome PM on first Login (WPM) 2.2.5  Allows the admin to configure a welcome private message that will be sent out to newly registered users on their first login. DualFusion
YouTube Profile Link 1.0.0  This MOD will add a button to the users YouTube channel. This can be set in the user control panel. Pietje15
Être donateur pour voir le contenu 1.0.0  Ce mod permet de faire afficher du contenu dans un spoiler.

Le contenu de ce spoiler est caché aux utilisateurs ne faisant pas partie d'un groupe donateurs.

Les administrateurs et modérateurs globaux peuvent toujours visualiser le contenu.

La possibilité de visualisation est gérée à l'aide d'une permission "Peut afficher les contenus cachés aux non donateurs" permettant ainsi de l'attribuer à un ou des groupes ainsi qu'à des utilisateurs en particulier.

Il est possible de modifier les clefs dans les fichiers de langue pour changer les textes à afficher et les groupes visés.