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The most rich banker

Mike 3,629,070.00
chabataka 429,473.95
niking69 100,434.00
pucklejuste 76,362.50
Swingtine 74,078.00
Tempo 41,733.00
Tempo 41,733.00
fredd 39,815.01
Kobaa 33,897.00
pierre 31,723.00


Your are here in our bank. We only count low costs for a payout, but we also pay money with a defined interest rate. If you open an account, you can save your money from being robbed. So it’s worth to think about it.

Banque Djembefola

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Bank Information

Interest Rate
Period for payout of interests
1 month
Max. value for interests
0.00 Cauris
Account costs per period
0.00 Cauris
Minimum deposit
5.00 Cauris
Minimum withdrawal
5.00 Cauris
Total opened accounts
Total Holdings
4,999,081.46 Cauris